Build a list!

StyleStaytion keeps all of your client information in one place and accessible from anywhere. You can upload an entire list today, or add your clients one by one. You can also add notes about their last appointment, color formula, or hairstyle.

Choose their schedule

Choose a schedule that is best for each client and keep them coming back by selecting from one of the pre-formatted email programs included with StyleStaytion. Your client will automatically receive a Thank You email after every appointment, and a reminder email to book their next appointment on the schedule you have selected.

Stay on top of it!

StyleStaytion will automatically alert you with a report when a client has not come back within timeframe you have designated so that you can personally reach out to schedule their appointment. That kind of personal touch will fill your book and ensure you are always at the top of your game.

Discover great features Designed for salon professionals, you can customize…

Customize your client outreach with emails you design. Every message to your client comes from your email address, and StyleStaytion makes it easy for you to brand every message with your images and personal touch.


Perfectly Designed to Save Time

Your StyleStaytion dashboard allows you to manage your entire clientele at a glance enabling you to enter client notes, or new client informaiton, and review a list of clients overdue for their appointment. You can even make the call right from StyleStaytion if your are logged on using your mobile device.



Based in Los Angeles, StyleStaytion is quickly gaining recognition nationwide as a simple but powerful tool to help Stylists, Colorists, Aestheticians, and any Salon build and maintain a loyal clientele. StyleStaytion is the premier client management platform that allows the widest level of customization so that you can truly tailor your outreach to your specific salon brand, and personal style. We understand that unnecessary or ill-timed outreach is really just spam, and nothing could be worse for your client relationships. Additionally, we assure you that the all of the data you upload to StyleStaytion is confidential. The only outreach your client will ever receive using StyleStaytion, will be from you.

Perfectly Designed to "Stay in Touch!

StyleStaytion makes it easy to run client promotions


Perfectly designed

Use the StyleStaytion email builder to customize your emails to clients and send a holiday card, product promotion, or special announcement. A special email from you from time to time is just the motivation some clients need to get back in to your chair. Create and send an email to your entire client list in minutes. You will be amazed by the clients that will respond with an appointment request.



Choose for two pricing plans

  • Monthly
  • Use all the benefits of StyleStaytion with only a monthly commitment of $49.99! Your subscription will renew every thirty days, and your credit card will be charged for each month. Cancel any time, and your membership will not renew the following month.
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  • Annual
  • Save on your subscription with an annual commitment to StyleStaytion. Your subscription will renew every year at the same time. Cancel any time and your membership will not renew the following year.

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